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The Apollo’s 2000 is a distinguished special events and concert venue housed within a historic theater formally known as the Marshall Square Theatre. This architectural marvel was built in 1917, boasting a Beaux Arts exterior and interior making it a movie palace that is opulent and grandiose. The Apollo's 2000 was a cinematic venue and epitomizes the golden age of cinema. This theater was commissioned by Louis and Meyer Marks, renowned Chicago film exhibitors, and designed by Alexander L. Levy, an architect who later gained mastery in the art of movie theater design.

The Apollo's 2000 transcended mere movie theaters, and continues to serve as an ornate temple of entertainment that transport audiences to a bygone era of glamour and spectacle. Adorned with intricate designs, luxurious furnishings, and elaborate detailing, movie palaces were meticulously crafted to provide a regal and immersive experience. While many of these majestic theaters have evolved or faced changes over the years, their legacy persists, reminding us of the enchanting allure and cinematic magic they once brought to audiences.

As the years unfolded, there was an inevitable decline of Chicago's historic movie theaters, leading many to face the unfortunate fate of demolition. However, the Marshall Square Theatre defied the odds, thanks to the efforts of Javier and Lidia Galindo, Mexican immigrants who acquired the dimming theater in 1988. By 1989, the Galindo family was able to successfully renovate the venue and rename it the Apollo’s 2000. The Galindos transformed the venue into a thriving private event and concert venue while simultaneously preserving the legacy of this theater. Their commitment to the preservation of this historical venue enables its patrons to transport themselves to the enchanting allure and cinematic magic that movie palaces brought to audiences. The Apollo's 2000 has emerged as a cultural nucleus in the Marshall Square and the Little Village neighborhoods and the broader Hispanic community of Chicago.

Since the 1990's, Apollo’s 2000 has been a stage for various artist, including Spanish Rock, Pop, and Latin Jazz, drawing substantial audiences and highlighting an unmet demand for Latin music in Chicago. Beyond music, Apollo’s 2000 stands out for its diverse programming, encompassing children's theater, lectures by esteemed authors, political fundraisers, election watch parties, and support for non-profit organizations. Today, the legacy continues under the ownership, operation, and management of the Galindo family.


There may be no better way to communicate our history than through images. As you browse our site, take a few moments to get to know us!

Gold ornate detail from the Apollo's 2000 lobby
Gold ornate details from the Apollo's 2000
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